As You Like It

Ever since I came of age, I mean the age where I seem to know something we may tag critical thinking, I hated the kind of leadership where one person reigns supreme. I do not like the idea of one soul deciding for multitudes. I do not like the idea of absolute powers rested with … Continue reading As You Like It


  11 The jolt killed whatever laughter was left in our throats. We had been laughing at my comparatives and superlatives for beautiful. I had just finished telling Daddy that my teacher in class had said my 'beautifuller and beautifullest ' respectively were not correct.  I had even gone on to justify my answer: if … Continue reading

  9 Tanki was our major shopping complex. There were as many as seven, eight shops there, but the one we always went to was kantin Sambo. Shehu and I. His things were more expensive and it always took longer for him to attend to customers because of the number of people waiting, but we … Continue reading

Those Years gone by…

6 Somedays I got lucky and escaped Chinyere, otherdays, not so lucky. On the days she blocked me, basically she pushed me around, knocks here and there, pulled this ear and insulted me...classic case of bullying. I would not have minded much if other kids didn't look on, but I think she enjoyed the audience. … Continue reading Those Years gone by…