As You Like It

Ever since I came of age, I mean the age where I seem to know something we may tag critical thinking, I hated the kind of leadership where one person reigns supreme. I do not like the idea of one soul deciding for multitudes. I do not like the idea of absolute powers rested with an individual…especially the modern individual, that has led to my disliking monarchy. Modern day monarchy, I have always questioned the relevance.

Sometime ago on a Facebook group, a member had preached about muslims joining a protest against the government. the member had maintained that as muslims, the only person who could call us out to protest against anything or anyone should be our Amir, the Sultan of Sokoto in our case. Hmmmm.

My sigh was involuntary and I made no comments. I mused though, like I usually do when something makes no or very little sense to me. The Sultan is our Amir, Yes, but he can be deposed by the government, one at the state level even. it has been done before. We are not exactly a secular state I hear, but I know that powers at those levels are more limited than we realise. Religiously, and I mean Islamically here, leadership isn’t inherited, monarchy as we have it today, mostly around here I might add, is all about the family you are from, a lineage, blue bloods we call them. why’s that? So my grandfather’s great grandfather led his people in battle or war or strife or emigration and they were so grateful and made him leader or king or chief, so, what have I, as an individual done to wake up and demand the same respects he got for doing nothing but be related to him? Hmmm. see why I sigh?

I watched the film “Coming to America” a long time ago and I hated it. I hated the idea that a Prince got even his teeth brushed for him simply because he was a somebody’s son, somebody whose existence may or may not have impacted the people in any positive way, that may or may not just be riding on glories of heroes past, no labour whatsoever, just squared shoulders. I liked monarchy less each day, especially when elections come and they are used to garner votes…why do they endorse even those they know are wolves in sheep clothing? I think it’s because they fear to lose the status…many of those have no honour now, one lost his honour when he allowed for ballot boxes to be sneaked into his palace and thumbprinted…I dare say that one had some conscience, he regretted and has been trying ever since to make amends.

Modern Day Monarchy, just who does it serve?

And  SLS comes to the scene. SLS is a game changer. Although to be Emir has always been his dream, I wasn’t happy he became that. I felt it was a loss, like his value was being reduced, his service being narrowed and, well, my stance became louder than before, especially when monarchs across the north nowadays are those who have held positions in government, been extensively educated at home and abroad and now retiring unto the throne. Just what is going on?!

I think SLS is restoring hope in a system I had wished was scrapped. He brings (for me) relevance, appropriate relevance I might add, back to the true meaning of leadership… sticking one’s neck out for ones people, no matter whose ox is gored.

I am however aware that the task is hard, given the years the system has been in limbo,  comatose, almost obscure but for occasional hail or wail. This sojourn SLS intends may cost him, but I am sure it would be worth it in the long run. Now I don’t know if his attempt at change will endure, whatever happens,  I reckon is better to go down in history as someone who went down fighting for something good, something right, than someone who lived all their lives in a position meant to serve and do something better, but didn’t only because they wanted to ‘conform’. There has never been a stupider slogan that the “if you can not beat them, join them”. Whoever came up with it must have been drunk to stupor.