Random Thoughts.

If there’s anything that shuts me up, really send me to mute mode is anger. And shock.  Well maybe surprise too,  but not that much.

I am mostly angry at no one in particular,  but a whole lot of people when it comes to how we have turned goodness up in its head and made it a burden. The devil whispers these days and we call it being careful. Being paranoid is being careful. Better safe we say, than sorry. Better to err on the side of caution,  well, except we fall on the side that would really wish you’d ignore the caution signs…

I was at the train station the other day,  dropping off my daughter.  She had this very heavy bag we were dragging when out of nowhere, some young man in a white shirt came and said to me “Hajiya let me help you”, without thinking twice, I helped put the load on his head and followed him.  He walked fast too. He put the luggage in the train and made sure we saw where he put it and my daughter who was travelling went to put her other things with it. In a few minutes the train took off and I waited for the young man whom I thought was a potter. He never showed up. He must have been travelling too and helped us, just for the sake of it.

Was I grateful!  I send him blessings every time I remember. Which is almost always.  Bless him.

As I leave for the car park I notice this policeman who was there too. On duty I suppose. Together we walked back to the waiting area but through different exits because he was staff.  At the car park as  leave I was hailed to stop, I prayed nothing was wrong as I was already thinking it’s dark, I hope I don’t get lost.

I hate night driving.

This man came to my window to ask for a lift for this policeman. I hesitated. And said no. Point blank I told him that I was afraid. And I swear I was. He was going my way. He was in uniform. I had seen him at his job, but I was not willing to risk it. Fear got the better of me and I write this, I’m saying to myself,  better safe than sorry. Just when did being helpful become risky you might ask,  and I’d say since people began losing their lives, being battered, raped, robbed and it goes on…instances abound…

We have two personalities: As recipients of favour and as those doing the favour, I’m of the opinion that both some come with the same attitude, but hey, it’s easier said, and put out there as an opinion,  than done…

…which brings me to the cause of this random thought.

Not much of a political follower here, and going by the little I follow, I wish I could tune out, but some things are impossible to ignore when they’re constantly in one’s face, so here, I’ll say something.

President Buhari us out of the country on vacation, I am very disinterested on whether or not he should be. A rumour went in, may still be on, that he died, or is dying, (I bear in mind that we all will die someday) but I know for certain that not all of us will die as President and many of us won’t have to dispel rumours of our deaths to family and friends if we’re alive when they come on, cos they would be there and be the first to know…kind of reminds me of Zik,  he read his obituary, even the electronic media  made a broadcast of his death. No social media then,  I’m sure it took sometime, maybe days even, for the news to get to him, I wouldn’t know,  but what I remember us that he came in national TV then, and might have even joked about ready his obituary while he was still alive. Zik of Africa.  God rest his soul.

Now, in the age of one second one minute circulation of anything news, worthy or not, we get spokespeople for a government trying to dispel death rumours by threats in the case if Lai and by dismissal in the case of Ade.

The case of Ade interests me most. And shuts me up big time. Shuts me up because it shocks me. Maybe when I recover enough to find my voice, I will yell about how it is absolutely wrong for Ade to say the President will talk when he feels like talking…how it is…

That will be when I find my voice again.



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