Ramin Mugunta?

I think even the devil pushes people to be good sometimes.

I go to the market and dedide to buy something not on my list. Slippers for the bathrooms. I see them on display and remember that one pair there had gone very smooth, no friction at all.  This i know when I slip and almost fall, the stupid thing wants to finish  these kness I manage and hope they will take me to old age without incident…by incident i mean surgery.

Anyway, I buy two pairs from the vendor at two hundred naira each. they used to be a hundred and twenty, then maybe one fifty, this day they are two hundered. i ask he says thats the last price. i give him five hundred and he packs them in a black cellopheneand hands them to me. i leave and he calls out. i turn, he changes his mind and says “its okay, we don setul”

I walk on three four steps and decide to check the bag, just in case. I see that he has packed the slippers, two pairs tied with white cellophene and put something else too. i turn and walk back to him. “wetin you talk??” I ask him. he walks away from me. Maybe feeling shame at having been caught trying to steal my hundred naira. “I say shebi we don setul?”

“setu wat? You no gif me change ba?” He keeps quiet. “Come” i say. he hesistates. “Come nah an see wetin you do”. He comes and i open the bag. he looks inside and his shoulders droop. You see wetin you do?” “Chei!”, he xclaims. “Thank you Ma!” He says as i let him take back the five hundred naira note i had given him, which he had put in the bag together with the slippers he sold to me with the intention of stealing my change.

I think goodness immanent. Evil too. it all depends on which we allow take over us.


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