Teacher. Teaching. Impact.

Sometimes,  our dislike for a person turn us blind to the the good they do. Sometimes we get so used to being used that we think the person that would abuse us a little less, does us a favour..We have been too abused know our rights, too used to chaos to appreciate order. Now, I … Continue reading Teacher. Teaching. Impact.


  11 The jolt killed whatever laughter was left in our throats. We had been laughing at my comparatives and superlatives for beautiful. I had just finished telling Daddy that my teacher in class had said my 'beautifuller and beautifullest ' respectively were not correct.  I had even gone on to justify my answer: if … Continue reading

                           10 Maa and Daddy had a wonderful marriage. They bickered, but then we'd turn that into jokes. Sometimes Daddy would come into the house and ask Maa to dance with him and Maa would giggle and say  "Duba yaran nan na kallo … Continue reading